The BigBand Theory (pun,much intended)

*Drum rolls* *crowd cheers*
for the first time ever,live on Ana's blog are the private pictures of the world's greatest band-Underwear compulsory.

Here we have Yana.You've heard of tripple treats.
Well,this young virtuoso not only specializes in one instruments,but four.
The prodigy of the late great John Lennon!

Here we have Amirah,or better known as Yaya.The lead guitarist in the band.

And as the popular notion goes "music is addictive,like drug".this particular member was so into the music during the jam session that.lets just say she got a lil' bit high..hehe

Here on drums we have Ariff younger brother of Yaya who can really give beats that are feet stompingly amazing!
Ariff constantly has trouble getting into the jamming studio due to his immense fan club that mainly consist of girls!!

And finally,imported all the way from Osaka,Japan is Mari Kondo San.
She specializes in keyboard and music arrangement.
Known to be the Maxim of Japan..Mari has made this band complete.

After a wafting 8 hours of jamming,the band packed up their gear and instruments and made their way towards their gig.
To perform for the opening of "Perhimpunan Agung UMNO"! (The repertoire mainly consists of song popularizes by P.Ramlee,S.Jibeng, Jefrydin just to name a few) :)))
They left gallantly, and shall we say,stylishly in Yana's brand new Mini Cabrio.

foot note: This band is at the moment fully booked for the next two years.
Fans who wish to catch their live performance, have to struggle on paying even more than what MCA, MIC and UMNO have paid.
This coming January, they will make a special guest appearance at the annual gala dinner for The Persatuan Orang Orang Cacat Pendengaran ,who ironically,paid the most!!