JOM MAKAN - did not live up to it's hype??

As the hammers and cranes quietly get tucked back into their respective places & the hardworking contract workers take off their hardhats,
it's time for the critics and publicists to yet again promote a brand new 'it' place for locals in London to enjoy some good ol' Malaysian cuisine.

The launch was in full gear as our Hon. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education of Malaysia officiated it's grand opening ceremony and people were practically salivating in the mouth,anxious to try the food "Jom Makan" had to offer.

Me,being the adventurous and curious kinda gal and my friend Zee,decided to make 'Jom Makan' a part of my stops in London - Westfield @ Shepperd Bush to be exact,as opposed to going to Mawar (it's Melor now),a restaurant i know of very well.

to my horrid surprise,i soon realized,after only a couple of bites that 'jom makan!' was not all it was hyped up to be.
The food,deserved nothing more than a thumbs down..
The waiter was rude (our own Malaysian boy)..when we asked for the Penang fried kway teow we merely suggested that make it like the one in Penang..he said " the food definitely won't be the same taste as the one in Penang", when we asked why..he replied "if you want the same taste,go to Penang looor"...
I was like,..hellooooo you're promoting authentic Malaysian cuisine,but the taste won't be the same???...what's so authentic about it then??????....

the one in Westfield..

i like the place mat ,tho'
this is the kway teow we ordered....hmmmm pucat jer,kan??
the mee kari.... :>
the ambiance was so so....
NOW....see the difference??...kinda hard to miss.....(this delicious dish hails from Melor. f.k.a Mawar )