Mission accomplished!

Ok!, rasanya dah selamat dah untuk menge'post' gambar2 kekcawan hari jadi yang ditempah oleh dua wanita yang berani mengambil risiko.

Thank you Lel and Girl for trusting me.
I'm honoured.

Happy Birthday Tasya,may Allah bless you with the best.

Happy Birthday Syira, and good luck on your SPM

Pictures below hanya sebagai penyeri entry ini.

oooopss!!!...i got carried away ;)


Diva moment

The word “diva” is officially, but loosely defined as a distinguished woman, or respectable. However, people like Whitney Houston and J Lo have changed the definition for everybody. Now, whenever you hear the word “diva” associated with a woman, you immediately picture a woman that is so full of herself that she doesn’t even care about who the people around her are.

I personally never looked at myself as a “diva”, per se. I’m not saying I’ve never had my moments; I am in fact, a hot-blooded woman, :)). There are days that come once in a blue moon where I want things to be done my way (i.e My birthday - not really actually ). But on other occasions, I’m just your typical, run of the mill Malaysian lady, poised to the bone and delicate to the touch (cough*cough).

But I must share, by far, the biggest diva moment I have ever had.

It was a beautiful, crisp Wednesday evening, and a very good friend of mine and I had made our way to a friend’s watch showcase . I myself don’t incline towards indulging myself with functions like these (apart from not being a diva, I too am not a social climber, thus deem functions like these to be a tad redundant), but it since the show was to celebrate a friend’s brand; I figured I’d make the rare exception and go.

So there I was, sipping lychee drinks in martini glasses (non-alcoholic, of course), sinking my teeth into scrumptious hors d’ oeuvres and basically just enjoying the watches and the company I was with.

Towards the end of the event, as my friend and I were making our way out, we stopped to congratulate and bid adieu to my friend. There, stood this man, dressed to kill with his fashionable shades and blue jacket just standing there talking to her. I interrupted their conversation for just a quick minute to hug my friend goodbye, whilst holding a camera. I’m assuming at this point of time, the guy mentioned was probably thinking I was about to ask for a picture with him. WRONG. In fact, it went the other way around. After being introduced to one another, I shamelessly gave my camera to the man and asked him to take a picture of my friends and me. Stunned, and probably appalled, he immediately stated how surprised and disappointed he was by my actions for he thought I wanted a picture with him. “How dare you!” said the man, jokingly. But don’t worry; things didn’t stay awkward for long. We ended up getting some random guest to take a picture of all of us. But can you really blame me? How was I supposed to know he was a celebrity? (cringe)

P.S/ It’s been a few days and my friend still cannot get over my “diva” moment and has been telling her friends about the incident. It warms the heart to know that your story makes others laugh.
...and to Frank, sorry for the 'mishap' - my bad!