Sharing A Smile - day of fun and laughter.

We are mere weeks away to the big yet humbling event. Many of my friends and family know what Sharing A Smile is all about, but for those who don't know or are unclear about SAS, here's what we're all about. We are basically just a bunch of people that host a day of fun for orphans every year. The orphans that join us for a day of games and entertainment change every year.
We aim to aid orphanages that are not funded by the government or any form of NGOs. These are orphans that have only enough money to eat. A "kais pagi, makan pagi, kais petang, makan petang" type of situation, if you will. The main reason behind the annual SAS event is to be able to let these orphans feel like a real kid for one day. We see our children run and play and eat just about anything they want, and it breaks our hearts to know that these orphans don't get to feel the joy and fulfillment our kids often take for granted.

So- every once a year, we go through all lengths to provide these kids with nothing but fun, games, entertainment and food! Yummy food that some of them have never even had the chance of even eating. When scouting for orphanages to help, we diligently view their lifestyle, paying close attention to their daily meals, which usually consists of just plain fried rice and plain drinking water. We understand that in this current day and age, it is difficult to be sure that the money you donate to certain "charities" will go to the right place. We often fear of syndicates and fraud. Thus, we at SAS are here to assure you that the money you donate will be donated straight away to the orphans, and not through any other parties. Dari tangan you, ke tangan yang memerlukan.

We've heard a lot about the Arqam syndicate using the helpless and orphans to get money for their own benefit. In fact, while scouting for orphanages, we nearly helped two of the homes under the Arqam syndicate. But Syukur Alhamdulillah, Allah tunjukkan jalan and an Ustaz from one of the homes we'll be helping told us about the two houses after viewing the list of homes that will participate in this year's SAS do. After hearing the news, we further investigated, not wanting to just take the word of just one source. After careful and detailed research, we were baffled and astonished to find that there are MANY orphanages that are under Arqam. Especially in KL and Selangor. Long story short, if you want to donate to orphans, there is no better place than SAS. InsyaAllah, we can assure you that your money will go straight to these deserving lot.

P.S/ A special note to the SAS ladies: Good Job, ladies! We've come a long way and I know some of you have had sleepless nights, making sure that the event is planned properly. Some of you have even grown more grey hair, worrying whether or not we've collected enough funds and donations for them. For those who have donated money and sponsored items and food, we thank you from the bottom of our honest hearts. And for those who have given us money for Zakat, we'll make sure we'll give it to the asnaf(the fakir miskin). Wish us luck and let's all come together to give these kids a taste of what it's like to be a real kid.

We have thousands of photos of our past events..these are a few of them.

Ice cream is such luxurious treat for them - believe you me.

Amy Search - during 2011 SHARING A SMILE event.


Life is what you make it's been 6 months since i last posted something on this blog of mine. well..i was quite busy actually- then again who hasn't been busy?..could it be because the hours are shorter? 24 hours are not enough for us?..or could it be because there are so many distractions,more often than not i'm always getting side tracked, for example I would plan to go get my groceries done, but somehow along the way, I'd run into a friend and end up having a little catch-up tea, and thus my groceries need to be postponed yet again. But that's life. Life in the city, anyway. You'll always have a million and one things to do and only 24 hours a day to do them.

Afternoon tea at  Fortnum & Mason

This post is just a random update for all my readers ( especially for a good friend of mine - you know who you are ) to let you know that I'm still very much alive and kicking.