The Beyond Luxury Experience.

They always say "the company you bring is what makes the trip", and while I fully and whole heartedly find that to be true, I also believe that WHERE you stay impacts your trip as well. "The House" is a beautiful boutique hotel situated in the mesmerizing Jogjakarta.

The decor just screams home with a dash of luxury to make even a pauper feel like a King. The staff were extremely accommodating and were always ready to help make our stay all the more comfortable

 Ana, or affectionately known as "Ipienk" by her close and loved ones, is the owner and the brains behind it .. 

 She took us practically everywhere! She showed us beautiful landmarks and sceneries, brought us to where beautiful batiks were made and also treated us to all kinds of mouth-watering local delicacies.

Although we only spent 4 days there, it was definitely a memorable one

Would I go back, you ask?
In a heartbeat.

I would like also to thank Dato' Krt Chris Murray for being such an informative and charming guide.


Salted Palm Sugar Caramel

Ramai yang bertanya mcmana nak buat palm sugar caramel.
Alahai senang jer Alhamdulilah..just macam buat salted caramel sauce..instead of guna gula biasa ( granulated ) kita guna palm sugar ( gula kabong, gula melaka ) tapi make sure gula melaka or gula kabong tu yang asli...yang di pasar2 raya tu kebanyakkan nya campur dengan gula putih. Alhamdulilah saya dapat 'supply' dari Indonesia..memang asli dan wangi.

Maaf saya takde measurement untuk bahan2 palm sugar caramel..selalunya lupa nak measure.

Bahan2 Palm sugar
Butter - must be european style butter, saya guna SCS
Cream santan - saya guna cream santan rasaku
Sea salt
Agar2 powder

Masak sugar palm dan butter dulu, sehingga gula cair.

Mula2 memang nampak mcm gula dan butter separated kacau terus, masukkan cream santan sedikit demi sedikit.. masukkan garam..rasa lah lemah, manis dan masin. last sekali masukkan agar2 powder...sikit jer. Remember sauce ni memang cair ketika panas, bila sejuk ia akan kental. kalau terlalu pekat tambah santan lagi.

Selamat mencuba..
InsyaALLAH bila saya buat lagi saya akan cuba buat measurement, dan InsyaALLAH akan di update di blog ini ya.


Bila Kucing Pun Tau Malu's been ages since i last posted in this blog of mine...#clichegiler. Apa nak jadi dengan dunia ni? Malas nak membebel panjang..

Manusia jadi kurang pertimbangan.
Mengutuk mengata orang sesuka hati..
Sifat keAKUan're not the only one born with brain included, hocay!
Nampak salah orang lain jer,salah sendiri tak tu memang sifat manusia sejak dulu2 lagi kan?.hmmm.

Saya tak suka menulis subject  negative bukan  sebab tak kisah,tapi it's depresing..but it's getting out of hand dah. dan harap2 post ini dapat membuka mata sesiapa yang berkenaan...kesian.

kalau ada masalah degan sesiapa berterus terang dan bertanya sendiri .dengan orang berkenaan..jangan buat andaian..dosa tau. dan sedihnya benda kecik dibesar2kan..get a life!
Mana sifat MALU sebagai manusia yang dah baligh?..kucing pun tau malu..ceh!
MELAMPAU TAHAP GABAN , saya pun tak tau apa itu 'GABAN' sounds big tho'..
Cermin diri sendiri sebelum menuduh orang..takut2 apa yang awak cakap tu base on your own reflection.
Ingatlah..semua yang kita ada adalah pinjaman dari ALLAH.
bila2 masa Allah bole ambil balik.

If you don't know the truth,don't make up your own story to satisfy your own ego. eh, berdosa besar tau buat fitnah ni..takut2 ketularan.

" i show respect to people who don't deserve it not as a reflection of their character but of mine" Wallahualam


Sharing A Smile - day of fun and laughter.

We are mere weeks away to the big yet humbling event. Many of my friends and family know what Sharing A Smile is all about, but for those who don't know or are unclear about SAS, here's what we're all about. We are basically just a bunch of people that host a day of fun for orphans every year. The orphans that join us for a day of games and entertainment change every year.
We aim to aid orphanages that are not funded by the government or any form of NGOs. These are orphans that have only enough money to eat. A "kais pagi, makan pagi, kais petang, makan petang" type of situation, if you will. The main reason behind the annual SAS event is to be able to let these orphans feel like a real kid for one day. We see our children run and play and eat just about anything they want, and it breaks our hearts to know that these orphans don't get to feel the joy and fulfillment our kids often take for granted.

So- every once a year, we go through all lengths to provide these kids with nothing but fun, games, entertainment and food! Yummy food that some of them have never even had the chance of even eating. When scouting for orphanages to help, we diligently view their lifestyle, paying close attention to their daily meals, which usually consists of just plain fried rice and plain drinking water. We understand that in this current day and age, it is difficult to be sure that the money you donate to certain "charities" will go to the right place. We often fear of syndicates and fraud. Thus, we at SAS are here to assure you that the money you donate will be donated straight away to the orphans, and not through any other parties. Dari tangan you, ke tangan yang memerlukan.

We've heard a lot about the Arqam syndicate using the helpless and orphans to get money for their own benefit. In fact, while scouting for orphanages, we nearly helped two of the homes under the Arqam syndicate. But Syukur Alhamdulillah, Allah tunjukkan jalan and an Ustaz from one of the homes we'll be helping told us about the two houses after viewing the list of homes that will participate in this year's SAS do. After hearing the news, we further investigated, not wanting to just take the word of just one source. After careful and detailed research, we were baffled and astonished to find that there are MANY orphanages that are under Arqam. Especially in KL and Selangor. Long story short, if you want to donate to orphans, there is no better place than SAS. InsyaAllah, we can assure you that your money will go straight to these deserving lot.

P.S/ A special note to the SAS ladies: Good Job, ladies! We've come a long way and I know some of you have had sleepless nights, making sure that the event is planned properly. Some of you have even grown more grey hair, worrying whether or not we've collected enough funds and donations for them. For those who have donated money and sponsored items and food, we thank you from the bottom of our honest hearts. And for those who have given us money for Zakat, we'll make sure we'll give it to the asnaf(the fakir miskin). Wish us luck and let's all come together to give these kids a taste of what it's like to be a real kid.

We have thousands of photos of our past events..these are a few of them.

Ice cream is such luxurious treat for them - believe you me.

Amy Search - during 2011 SHARING A SMILE event.


Life is what you make it's been 6 months since i last posted something on this blog of mine. well..i was quite busy actually- then again who hasn't been busy?..could it be because the hours are shorter? 24 hours are not enough for us?..or could it be because there are so many distractions,more often than not i'm always getting side tracked, for example I would plan to go get my groceries done, but somehow along the way, I'd run into a friend and end up having a little catch-up tea, and thus my groceries need to be postponed yet again. But that's life. Life in the city, anyway. You'll always have a million and one things to do and only 24 hours a day to do them.

Afternoon tea at  Fortnum & Mason

This post is just a random update for all my readers ( especially for a good friend of mine - you know who you are ) to let you know that I'm still very much alive and kicking.

What exactly new year means to you??

Really!...what does new year mean to us??

For some and me included its just a  flip of a brand new calendar..which we do 12 times  a year.To me the actual "meaning" is just remembering to date things 2013 instead of 2012 starting today...and...

This post is to mark that this  post is posted on the 1st day of 2013 and the last time i posted something in this blog was in 2012...hehe,..lame?

For others, the New Year represents a renewed hope of a better tomorrow. In Sha Allah.

My wish for you is that you are looking forward to 2013 with optimism that your world is and will be what you want it to be. 

In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, giving to the needy, helping and be useful to mankind. 

So, back to the question…. What does new year mean to you

Call me ignorant or old or stupid, but really..what are we celebrating actually?
Has the world changed into a better world?..
Have they ( the super power *so they call themselves countries ) resolved  the major wars, disputes, bloodshed that keeps continuing on this planet??

Did the medical experts find the cure for canser?


While 30,000 or maybe more by now children die everyday,millions live in poverty,starvation,lack of shelter..we are celebrating and some ram beer and food down their throats like there's no tomorrow...*ouch!!..

I'm such a grouch!..:@

I see everyday as a chance for further progress towards more stable world, less destruction,more goodwill.. in sha ALLAH.

I  still live in hope that one day we will really make some effort to address the world’s problems in a meaningful way. We are so oblivious to the misery in the world. All we need to do is offer some help.

I can only hope. I try to do my bit. So do many others. I am very much an optimist!

Let's make everyday count!



M is for the Moments she spent in anguish...
Each time you had a fever or a chill.

O is for the Oceans of tears she quietly and sadly shed...
Everytime you go against her.

T is for the Time and Trouble...
She would take to make your favorite meals.

H is for the Hours she spent in dreadful worry...
Each time you stayed out and didn’t call.

E is for the Emptyness she felt so deep inside...
When you got married, and left to start a life anew.

R is for the Righteous pride she has always had...
Knowing that she raised you the best way that she could.

Put them all together...they spell MOTHER.

Today, put your feelings into words and deeds; Remember, she too, has her wants and needs.
Take that hand that guided you as a girl or boy, And say those magic words that will bring her joy:
“I Love You , Mom”

This is Her Day, make it a Day to Remember.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers.