who's gonna cook dinner??

"Time Flies..."
A notion widely known,expressing how fast time goes by when we're having fun.

Who knew? We've been having such a good time,enjoying her presence ,with *ehem*..cooking..
That 2 years have gone by and now it's time for us to part ways,bid "adios" to our loving and hardworking "assistant",Susi.
You will truly be missed; especially by our taste buds....(Susi in green)
...tinggal lah May keseorangan..(May in black tudong...duhhh!)

Thanks for everything ..you've been like a family to us..even to some of my friends.
(May,Yana and Susi)

All the best on all your future endeavours..(in my doa..you'll be back in my house after 3 months..AMEEEENNNN..hehe)
You will truly be missed.

Step back Timbaland,c u later Timberlake......

After weeks of hardcore decorating and assembling Swedish style furniture a.k.a IKEA,
the studio is finally done..and the result can not be more satisfying !...
errmm...may be just minor detail here and there..

This is it!!

the beatles posters....yana's fav. band.
notice the abby road concept???..here.
at a lonely corner i hang a pic of yana and her buddies...so the wall wont be lonely anymore....hahaha
next enrty...the "YAYUYA" band, the 1st "band" to perform here...
just wait and see... :))


the day my heart sank

There I was, at a complete standstill. The car in front of me only inches away from touching mine. Traffic that gloomy and damp Wednesday afternoon was deplorable. Minutes later, as traffic started to move, as did my car. In a blink of an eye, the car in front of mine suddenly came to an abrupt halt. Panicked, I immediately stepped on the breaks and stopped just in the nick of time.

Or so I thought..

Before I even finished saying “Sikit lagi. Selamat tak ….”, I felt two big thuds in repetition. The car behind me, and the car before, had banged each other, and just like Dominoes, banged my car right after. The thing is, as a little girl, I always liked Dominoes, but not that day. That day, I hated it. Baffled and stunned, I quietly tried to regain my confidence and finally made my way back home.

i know my 'baby' is tough ..but my heart is weak... :(( aduhh sakitnya..

look..oh no!..dah cacat dah my 'baby'....


clock watching

After a grueling ermmm..6..5..4..heehe 2 hours,we've finally assembled and painted part of the room.
Look as the artistes,turn into artists for the day.
The pictures posted are only phase one...keep an eye out for the end product.
After all "Rome was not built in a day"..

the posters are at the frame shop for framing..
artists at work....
almost there..im so excited..

the beatles..

prints of the BEATLES ...a preview of my next small project...tunggu.
im so excited about it..

proposed master layout plan

The initial part of my project(remember the pavilion apartment?)

kalau ada sesiapa yang nak enggage i jadi ur id..sila kol me at this no...012...hehehe..kidding la..

click pic to enlarge.

ini baru initial plan jer..


tech savvy?....really??

I was talking to an aunty the other day-
and as far as words can say, she's known to be quite the intellect.
shoot her with any questions and you know she'll have the answers ready at hand.
it suddenly struck me, "there must be something that this aunty doesn't know or unsure of". curiously, I started taking my thoughts and turned them into action.

I started experimenting.

I mustered up the courage and finally blurted out a question. Subtle, yet provocative.
"Aunty, would you consider yourself tech savvy? I mean, you own a computer right?"
Gallantly, my aunty replied with a face gleaming with confidence,
"Of course! What are you talking about, my dear? I skype my kids who are overseas all the time."
"Wow, skype! What other ways do you use to communicate or reach out to your friends and family overseas?" an astonished me asked.

This 65 year old woman then replied with a reply that exudes such confidence that suddenly came to an abrupt halt.
"My dear, I have everything the internet has to offer. You name it, I have it. Spacebook, Myface.." she chuckles with pride.

My mind suddenly boggled. I thought to myself "What on earth is this so-called tech savvy aunty rambling about? Spacebook? Myface?"

and suddenly it hit me.

Spacebook = Facebook
Myface= Myspace

Poor old lady, must've confused between the two.
she's not my aunty..gambar hanya hiasan...hehehe...


malam yang dinanti2kan.

Malam ini akan riuh rendah lah rumah ku yang sentiasa sunyi ini..
bayangkan around 100 manusia yang ber title saudara-mara..pak sedara,mak sedara,anak sedara, cucu sedara ,ipar duai,sepupu sepapat akan bertandang kerumahku..

Ini adalah diatas permintaan salah seorang ahli keluarga..
Aku pun apa lagi...mengambil kesempatan la...

Malam ini aku me"wajib"kan semua datang dengan pakaian traditional,baru la meriah kan???
aii..takkan tak paham i lagi-i am the "live wire" in the family-kakaka (masuk bakul lagi)
And to my surprise,semua orang setuju and excited about it.

So..tonite's the nite..

I nak pakai baju apa ek??..ermmmmmm...

rumah dah siap dgn bunga..itu 'wajib'..
cookies sudah diatas meja..yg kosong tu tempat cake..belum letak lagi..

rumahku dan turned into a cafe..

can't wait...ok la..nak pegi salon...nak buat sanggul goyang tuk malam ni...
kak nita...kau merindui entryku kan???
sampai kol i dari tokyo tu...ha..ini dia dedicated to you...muah2