tech savvy?....really??

I was talking to an aunty the other day-
and as far as words can say, she's known to be quite the intellect.
shoot her with any questions and you know she'll have the answers ready at hand.
it suddenly struck me, "there must be something that this aunty doesn't know or unsure of". curiously, I started taking my thoughts and turned them into action.

I started experimenting.

I mustered up the courage and finally blurted out a question. Subtle, yet provocative.
"Aunty, would you consider yourself tech savvy? I mean, you own a computer right?"
Gallantly, my aunty replied with a face gleaming with confidence,
"Of course! What are you talking about, my dear? I skype my kids who are overseas all the time."
"Wow, skype! What other ways do you use to communicate or reach out to your friends and family overseas?" an astonished me asked.

This 65 year old woman then replied with a reply that exudes such confidence that suddenly came to an abrupt halt.
"My dear, I have everything the internet has to offer. You name it, I have it. Spacebook, Myface.." she chuckles with pride.

My mind suddenly boggled. I thought to myself "What on earth is this so-called tech savvy aunty rambling about? Spacebook? Myface?"

and suddenly it hit me.

Spacebook = Facebook
Myface= Myspace

Poor old lady, must've confused between the two.
she's not my aunty..gambar hanya hiasan...hehehe...



arashiela said...

yeh...yeh...yeh.....makcik savvy eh....
so m sure u don want to become nenek when it comes to tech savvy kan...cepat gi refresh balik lu punya spacebook=facebook tu...hahahahahahaha

lifeislikethat said... bukan kes mengumpat kan???..takpe nanti aku mintak maaf kat dia...hehehe.

ini makcik bukan tech savvy lagi..ini mak cik tech hacker tau tak??kakkaka..

kin said...

oooo... lagu sting!... den suka ;)

Ana... mintak2 kita 2 tak ended up macam Makcik dlm gamba hiasan tu kan...huhuhu

lifeislikethat said...

kin...kita takkan jadi mcmtu..kita kan lebih dasyat dari tech savvy..kite hackers kan???hahaha

den pun suko sting.. :)

intoxicated-catastrophe™ said...

hahahaha. comelnyer.. kalau ada nenek mcm tu musti aku jadik FAN dia.. hahaha

lifeislikethat said...

intoxicated...ok tunggu i jadi nenek ok??..jgn lupa jadi fan i..hehehe

wei raya dah nak habis ni..tak nampak pun muka??..bila nak dtg??
next friday(16) dtg k??...akak betunang...dtg tau??

illy said...

hahaha..long way to go for me..
jadik nenek i mean. :D

i know that aunt..wanna ask her to read this blog..hahaha.

lifeislikethat said...

illy..if u wanna live long and become a nenek,i advice u not to do so.. :))))

intoxicated-catastrophe™ said...

InsyaAllah. ehh. Sape akak?? Sape btunang?? aaaa..

p.s Ofcoz i'm ur FAN..starts from the day i met u. heee..heee.. lebih2kan la duitraya nnt ekk..

lifeislikethat said...

intoxicated...thanx for being my fan....kakaka

boleh,duit raya lebih cikit nanti..bukan lebih banyak tau?? :p