M is for the Moments she spent in anguish...
Each time you had a fever or a chill.

O is for the Oceans of tears she quietly and sadly shed...
Everytime you go against her.

T is for the Time and Trouble...
She would take to make your favorite meals.

H is for the Hours she spent in dreadful worry...
Each time you stayed out and didn’t call.

E is for the Emptyness she felt so deep inside...
When you got married, and left to start a life anew.

R is for the Righteous pride she has always had...
Knowing that she raised you the best way that she could.

Put them all together...they spell MOTHER.

Today, put your feelings into words and deeds; Remember, she too, has her wants and needs.
Take that hand that guided you as a girl or boy, And say those magic words that will bring her joy:
“I Love You , Mom”

This is Her Day, make it a Day to Remember.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers.