"The rain may be falling hard outside, But your smile makes it all alright.

A humble home with up to 50 children and only 2 maids..
Hajjah Norlina & her husband are now deemed as wonder parents..

The 50 children residing at Hajjah Norlina's humble home in kg, Cheras Baru,are not at all her biological children..3 of whom are actually children who have HIV.
More than half of the kids were abandoned by their parents who were drug addicts,'GROs',prostitutes, unwed mothers and many other *'trashers' to society.

Hajjah Norlina makes her priority to make sure that her children never feel vulnerable and that they never label themselves as orphans.
Hajjah Norlina owns 3 luxurious cars and buys all 50 children nice clothes to boost up their self-esteem...sounds cliché??....No,not when you are dealing with these kind of children.

Hajjah Norlina needs at least RM50,000 a month to support these children..thus, on top of her never ending job as a mother,she also owns & runs her own launderette,
catering business and produces her own beauty products.

On sunday,14th February,
Yana and her friends, Alisya ,Jasmin,Eza and Fariha went to PERNIM *the name of the house,with presents and food ready at hand.
The 5 girls were amazed & so touched by how friendly the children were - as if nothing is wrong with them ...how naive and innocent can they be..
Yana "they are a bunch of happy,responsible and confident kids.

Alisya with one of the kids....tgk tu manja nya..
look at those faces...do you think they know how it feels like to be loved by their own biological parents ??? ...sobsobsobs...

'if you can answer my question right will get a reward'.....Hajjah Norlina teaches them that everything nice are to be earned not given....awwwwww...

welldone girls.....today you make them happy..it's truly a huge accomplishment!!!

Way to go
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