So,here we are, mere days to the big event.
Hearts racing at F1 speed and the blood pumping at a rate not even known to mankind :) ..A million things are running through the organizer's head.
So,while 2 of the most 'good looking' *:p * organizers are away overseas..(to collect funds from the international i wish it's true),the rest of the DREAM(ER)TEAM has to carry on to truly make this occasion a success.
Come on guys,we already set the bar high last year,let's beat that and defy the limits!!!!




To respect the privacy of our esteemed, beautiful and prominent organizers, we have blurred out their pictures to avoid the crowding papparazis and die-hard fans already camping out at their door-steps just to get a moment with them. Just kiding ;)

This pictures are put up as proof that we are in fact mustering up all our man-power in order to make this event yet another success. Many sleepless and long nights have been spent to ensure that we put brighter and more charming smiles on these kids faces, and we have this to prove to many individuals who have questioned our purpose and how helping would benefit them instead of the kids.

Here are a few snapshots taken at last year's event..

So, look inside your big and warm hearts and lend a helping hand. Help these kids get by in life and brighten up their lives. Show support for our cause by donating sincerely to our fund. Every cent counts so there's no minimum amount you can donate. InsyaALLAH, our small fund can support these kids towards a better life.
An experience that they will treasure for the rest of their lives..

wimbledon here i come

At long last, my much awaited prayers have been answered. After much debate on whether or not my trip to Wimbledon would happen, I've finally confirmed that I am in fact, going!! I've been at knee-deep with projects and I feared that I could not fit this particular trip into my busy, hectic, and I must admit at times, annoying schedule. But after I have carefully timed all my projects into my schedule, I've managed to squeeze in this trip.. Alhamdulilah!! :) oh the joy and splendor to know that days from now I would be in the midst of all the tennis players and their glories! What can I say? If you were in my position, even you would find difficulty containing yourself from all the excitement and bliss!.. *big grin*

oooppssss....lupa lak,London kan tengah summer sale..eeeee..bestnyeeeeeeeee..

manusia manusia......

pictures from last year's event..look at those faces..
This is Aunty Sham and Tok Ayah...Dua insan yang berhati mulia..

Sooooo..frustrating,..manusia, manusia..bila suruh beramal jer mengeloh..banyak soal pulak...
kalau tak nak derma xpe..xsiapa paksa,tapi jgn la byk soal..mcm la derma berjuta2..ishhhh..
kiteorg xamek untung la..every single cent goes to the unfortunate kids !!!!
Kiteorg tau hukum makan duit anak2 yatim ...we really do.
Lebih senang deal dgn org yang tak byk duit,mungkin dieorg tau mcmane rase susah..
Yang kaya and ade post ni,mcm peminta sedekah kami dibuatnya.
Tapi beli handbag berpuluh ribu tak rase rugi pulak..mengayakan mat saleh2 tu jer..Tu yang perempuan,yang lelaki lak,beli kereta menjalar boleh pulak...
ishhhhhhh..GERAM BETUL!!!!!
Kepada yang telah menderma tu kami ucapkan jutaan terima kasih.
Semuga ALLAH membalas budi baik anda dgn ganjaran yang berlipat ganda lagi.AMEEENN AMEEENN YA ROBAL'ALAMIN.

Hari untuk anak2 yatim...

Setiap tahun,me and a group of friends menganjurkan hari bersama anak2 yatim.
Tahun ini we decided to do it dalam bulan rejab.
usually kami buat dalam bulan Muharam,tapi tahun ni bulan Muharam jatuh di awal tahun 2009,so ramai yang bz.
Sebenarnya me and my friends cuma menjalankan tugas yang diamanahkan oleh,Aunty Sham,
Aunty Sham yang mulakan programme ni with her husband.
she's been doing this for the past 20+ years..
keje kami adalah menjayakan programme ni dgn mengutip dana,plan for the day,the games,the gifts...just to make the unfortunate kids happy,at least for a day.
Last year we collected 17K, BRAVO Nurul..(she collected the most) YOU GO GURL!

Last year we manage to rake a few generous sponsors,
face painting (Zuri & the gang)
sand arts (puan nik ariza)
roast lambs (liza othman)
roast chiken,kentucky fried chicken,pinattas,
nestle ice cream,dan banyak lagi.

These Kids are not from any orphanage homes..They are genuinely anak yatim yang susah,Aunty Sham sendiri cari di kampong2 in klang valley & janda baik.

What i like the most about this programme is,Aunty Sham nak programme ni dibuat secara senyap2..low key.
no media coverage what so ever.

On that day,the kids will be treated the best way we possibly could.
We will celebrate their birthdays (those who were born on that month)
Aunty Sham will give money to those yang dapat A's dalam UPSR,PMR nad SPM last year.

OOWHHH..the smile on their faces are PRICELESS.

p.s*..this year we go a step further by inviting the handsome,smart and influential Dato' Sheikh Muzaffar..our very own astronaut

*ehem* tesedak *ehem*...tak sabar akak rasanya. :)


by popular demand

this pose is ok for babies...but ladies,it's a NO NO for us..keep that in mind...hehe

After a bountiful of requests placed by people from around the world, calls from Spain, e-mails from Australia and so many more, I've decided to post more pictures of little, cheeky and down-right adorable Irina. Her, shall we say, "curvy" being, makes everyone salivate (but not in that creepy Hannibal way!). She's cute, fun and bubbly. Traits a perfect baby should embody.

And just so you know, this little bundle of joy was The Little Lady of the hour. More info on that on my next post. So stay tuned, and keep reading.


Walaupun no one asked me to post the bday cake i made ( :,( )...tapi i still nak post jugak..i know it's nothing like the pro buat...but it's original tau??? :,(



the continuation of the making of..syirah bday party.

while many were still catching their Zs (*cough* Kin *cough*), I was already up slaving over the stove to bake the ultimate party deserts. Cupcakes, and a birthday cake. The making of the birthday cake was somewhat of a challenge bestowed to me by someone...(ingat akak xreti bake ke??ala2 kak nita,sengau2 sikit gituuu..) I, being the person that believes she can do anything if she puts her heart to it, stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge! Thank the heavens above, just like the well-known Santa Claus, I too, had my little helpers. And I do, literally mean, little.

p.s* if you guys wanna see the birthday cake that i must promise not to laugh or even think about it..
i'll post it later.
my little helpers,naufal and syirah...
syirah helping out..(belum mandi lagi tu)..euweuweuwww....
TADAAAAAA.....home made mini cuppy cakes...
these goodies are home made...bukan beli tau???

this is just a preview of syirah's bday party...mata dah mengantok..esok sambong.

time for another birthday.

looks like i have to plan for another birthday..not that i'm complaining..
on the looking forward to it..hehehe,

young & innocent

Do you ever wonder what goes through kids minds?

Kids are very abstract in their way of thinking. they are not wrapped in the constraints of logic and diplomacy like we are..ALHAMDULLILAH!!!

Being an occasional insomniac, I browsed through my trusty old laptop last night and came across a bountiful of adorable and priceless snapshots I had taken of little toddlers. I couldn't help but giggle when my once mundane looking face suddenly had it's needed glow. All it needed were the innocent faces that were shown in those pictures. Innocence that showed even in their most candid pictures. An innocence I know we all had at one point in our lives.

So here they are. And see for yourselves, the many faces of the young and the innocent..

the many faces of adrianna


and syira

The archetypal figure whom I've been adoring from afar.

So who is this bonifide beauty? A beauty that transcends the meaning of "drop-dead gorgeous". Beauty, brains and brawn. A triple threat that knows no boundaries. The Oprah of Indonesia, if you will. Ratna Sari Dewi, daughter of two doting Japanese parents, wife of the first Prime Minister of Indonesia, Soekarno, and by far the most influential figure that stood the test of time. She went against traditional customs by marrying her husband, an Indonesian.

In my opinion, she truly is the defnition of Eastern beauty. While the world was busy drooling over Westerners like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, many fail to realize this full of personality and warm person, that is Ratna Sari Dewi,my idol.
who's yours???


bila bakal mertua datang bertandang..

Things look good from where i stand...ok la kot??..

Belum pun hilang penat planning the party..and in between it kena bereskan kerja2 yang semua org tak suka,but i have to do it..(pilih warna paint for a new house...client's)
Dah kena buat pesiapan nak setting untuk 'bakal mertua' dtg bertandang...hmmmmmm...
Pening kepala nak mikir..apa nak buat??...buat2 happy jer la..

malas nak citer pasal rumah anak2 tuan rumah tu punya karenah!!!..mcm rase nak hempok dgn kasut jer kat kepala depa..(hehe..depa tu dieorg, kan??)..tak pas lagi ckp utara..
Naseb baik yang paling byk karenah tu handsome..tak de la panas sgt ati ni... :p

Anyway,bila tgh setting2 tu lega gak lah's very therapeutic

budak2 pakai pinggan ceramic jer....hehehe..
kids' corner