To respect the privacy of our esteemed, beautiful and prominent organizers, we have blurred out their pictures to avoid the crowding papparazis and die-hard fans already camping out at their door-steps just to get a moment with them. Just kiding ;)

This pictures are put up as proof that we are in fact mustering up all our man-power in order to make this event yet another success. Many sleepless and long nights have been spent to ensure that we put brighter and more charming smiles on these kids faces, and we have this to prove to many individuals who have questioned our purpose and how helping would benefit them instead of the kids.

Here are a few snapshots taken at last year's event..

So, look inside your big and warm hearts and lend a helping hand. Help these kids get by in life and brighten up their lives. Show support for our cause by donating sincerely to our fund. Every cent counts so there's no minimum amount you can donate. InsyaALLAH, our small fund can support these kids towards a better life.
An experience that they will treasure for the rest of their lives..

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