"Yes....I did it !!!

"Where there's a will, there's always a way" ; a saying I live by myself and one I make sure I instill into my fellow friends. I believe in the impossible, and at the same time believe that nothing is impossible.

When I was approached the other day to make cupcakes for a hantaran, I was surprised and touched at the same time. Despite it being my first big project- well,at least it's BIG for me, I remained optimistic and believed that this was my beast to tame. Like the saying goes, grab the bull by the horns. After many nights of googling images, for some inspiration, I realized something that helped push me to finish this project- if these people could do it, why can't I? Why can't I do better?

I must admit, and I'd be lying to all of you if I said "Ah, this is nothing! I'm cool, I'm relaxed". But quite the opposite, I'm afraid. I was panicked and I did doubt myself for awhile. But hey, I'm only human. But Alhamdulillah, I persevered and motivated myself to treat this project as a challenge. And one I intend on winning--

So days went by, and hours were spent in the kitchen, like Santa's little elf, so to speak, and it was finally done. After days of making sure everything was perfect and leaning so close to the cupcakes that I only left about 3cm between my nose and the frosting, I finally breathed a sigh of relief and took a step back. "I did it! I knew I could do it"....and and my so called "client" was so happy to see the cuppies,that's all i need and thanks Nurul for trusting me...Phewwww!!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the cupcakes I made. And may this post be an inspiration that once you set your mind on something, go all out, you'll bound to expect some fruitful rewards.

As promised, pictures :)
I don't know about you guys....but frankly,i'm happy with the result.

Sure there's always room for improvements ,but as for now i'm happy with the way things turned out.. :)..ALHAMDULILAH!!.