The Beyond Luxury Experience.

They always say "the company you bring is what makes the trip", and while I fully and whole heartedly find that to be true, I also believe that WHERE you stay impacts your trip as well. "The House" is a beautiful boutique hotel situated in the mesmerizing Jogjakarta.

The decor just screams home with a dash of luxury to make even a pauper feel like a King. The staff were extremely accommodating and were always ready to help make our stay all the more comfortable

 Ana, or affectionately known as "Ipienk" by her close and loved ones, is the owner and the brains behind it .. 

 She took us practically everywhere! She showed us beautiful landmarks and sceneries, brought us to where beautiful batiks were made and also treated us to all kinds of mouth-watering local delicacies.

Although we only spent 4 days there, it was definitely a memorable one

Would I go back, you ask?
In a heartbeat.

I would like also to thank Dato' Krt Chris Murray for being such an informative and charming guide.