Why do women love shoes

A friend once told me, when you're sad and blue play a happy or dance music and sing your heart out or dance like crazy....that way you can forget about your problem for a while...but i have a better solution..
SHOES!!...we don't even have to buy them..just try them on will do the trick...
Don't believe me?...
read on....

Julie - They helped me overcome depression!

It's true! i broke up with a bf and when i fitted 4 inch high heels from display, it lifted up my mood! I bought 2 pairs, pumps and platforms -- enough to make me feel better.

Sue -

Shoes complete the outfit, you just can't wear the same shoes for each outfit! Shoes make all the difference to me.

Nikki -Empowerment

Whenever I have to make an important presentation to clients, I wear my favorite 4" high stiletto pumps. I get a sense or power and confidence when I am wearing them. I find I get the most compliments wearing them as well after.

Kimay - Shoes = Love!

At only 4'11" I must say heels, wowwww, they make me go coocoo! Not only because of the boost in height, but also because of the way they shape my legs, allowing certain muscles to show and causing men to stare. ;)

Elena - For male attraction!

There is a sort of man who admires ladies' legs. They never look in the eyes they look at the shoes. Fish net stockings and sexy shoes -- what do you need more to start your game?

Lydia - I love shoes because they always fit

I love shoes - probably more than I should. No matter how big or small I am they always fit. They also have the ability to turn a basic outfit into a 'zhoosh' outfit. They come in beautiful colours and they have the ability to lift my mood. A pair of red shoes, for example, makes me feel fabulously naughty :-)

Sharinette - Why I love shoes!

I love them because it's the shoes that make the outfit as far as I'm concerned! I always take a pair of stilettos and build an outfit completely around the shoe. They come in so many wonderful styles and colors. My second reason I love shoes is because at 5'3" it gives me added and much needed height. 3rd reason they make my legs looks killer sexy! As far as I'm concerned shoes are the ultimate accessory!

Toni - Shoes Just Make Me Happy

I don't know why, but shoes just make me happy. There's nothing like getting a new pair and wearing them out the first time. Especially if they're sexy high heels. Shoes are definitely my favorite thing to shop for

I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously?!” Humor me for a sec. So these Petal Sandals by Christian Louboutin aren’t exactly the most practical of shoes but, you have to admit they’re pretty. Overly girly yes, but if you know someone who is very Carrie Bradshaw-esque then these Christian Louboutins would be a stylish gift for her ( my birthday is coming soon.. ) ;p... Who says shoes have to be practical all the time? You have to have a little fun, eh? ;) Since these are “look at me” shoes, the best way to wear these is with a very simple outfit. The ‘petals are made of crepe satin, leather straps and a 4″ heel. You also can’t miss the signature Louboutin red sole..you know ladies i was sweating and panting while typing this...GOSH!!..gotta have them maaannnnnn...

Of course, it's totally not true that all women love shoes. But the fact remains, a lot of us really do....The truth is women are in love with shoes..

OK...i feel much better..and i can smile now..