luck vs takdir

You can't manufacture luck...or force it..
...or make it happen..or can you??

The last few weeks or so,i've been so down..rasa mcm something heavy weighing down my soooo not looking foward to jakarta trip, byk yg nak difikirin deh..
my mom's not well and 'stuff'...hmmmmmmm..
then to top it all off,last nite my maid menangis xhenti2...dia baru dapat khabar adek dia meninggal dunia.
kesian susi,i asked her to go back,but dia ckp "balik pun xguna kak,dia dah xde"..

i really kesian kat the maids..they have to come all the way,tinggalkan family..and like my maid's case,dia tinggalkan suami dan anak dia yg baru 3 tahun..all sebab nak cari makan..
the 1st year she was here,mak dia meniggal...hmmmmmmm...
nasib org kan??i simpati kat dia,and at the same time i kagum dgn semangat dia,.
and how matured she is,walaupun baru berumur 24 tahun....

I thought i yg jauh lebih tua(uishhh..tua??sensitive tuuuu)dari dia ni lebih kuat emotionally,and smart,but,boy was i wrong..
when i told her to bersabar and doakan and sedekah fatihah kat adek dia,
she said "kak, memang tu saja yg boleh saya buat,sekarang saya rasa adek saya lebih dekat dgn saya,ini takdir kak bukan nasib...nasib ada buruk atau baik,tapi takdir datang dari ALLAH,dan ALLAH lebeh tau apa yang DIA lakukan,inilah yang terbaik utk saya dan adek saya kak,saya redha dan pasrah."

Kesusahan hidup susi membuatkan dia matang and see things from different angles...
Buat i tersedar yg i ni tak sekuat dia.

Alfatihah untuk adek susi.
Semuga rohnya dicucuri rahmat and ditempatkan disisi org2 yg beriman.

people who thinks they know everything infuriate those uf us who DO

So there's this reporter right? Let's name him Mr.B ;)


Let's talk about Mr.B, shall we? Well, our Mr.B here is not someone you would label as a "hardcore jazz fan", come to think about it, you won't even label him as a jazz fan altogether. His thoughts on jazz music were frumpy and down-right old fashioned. Music only the elderly and wrinkled would enjoy. Reading his statement, of course, left me bawling on the floor in my room, desperately gasping for air out of laughter.

This self-proclaimed "rock" music lover reminisced over his days of throwing punches and cold stares at other rock lovers just to stand a few feet away from his favourite rock band. Close enough to smell the sweat, I persume.

So one day, with the air filled with jazz music and the roads packed with jazz lovers from every strata of society, a friend of our rockstar invited him to the Java Jazz Festival(JJF). Seeing that the exhibition hall was only a few minutes away, he jumped to the opportunity to just hang out with his friends.

After having spent hours and hours surrounded by jazz music and people who spoke of nothing but jazz, Mr.B finally admitted that jazz was "not all that bad". He wrote an article on the artists who performed at the festival.

Just as I was about to smile, thinking that we, the jazz community, so to speak, could welcome a new member into the family.. I read this..

"..the festival had local indonesian artists performing too like Glenn, Afgan

...and Laura Fygi"


check this one out.... ;)

Just when we were getting use to the crack epidemic comes a new pair of Bikini jeans to shock us. Sanna’s Brazil Fashion has taken the low-rise jeans trend to the extremes with the Ultra Low-Rise Denim Bikini Pants. As if hip huggers were not revealing enough, now comes this pair of jeans from Brazil that act both as underwear and jeans...(hey, we can forget about those sexy and alluring undies)...jimat duit kan????

kakakaaaaa.....if you don't have a figure like a model, forget about the idea of wearing one....
unless you wanna be called fashion criminal??
but, who cares..
i wanna buy one, not that i have a body like a model,i just wanna make my friends laugh till
they blush...
guys, watch out!! :)

susah nak bangun pagi??

try this every'll feel the difference.

Morning Wake-Up


It's often hard to find the inspiration to get out of your nice, comfortable bed when you're still so tired. But according to Kundalini yoga, a built-in supply of energy lies dormant at the root of the spine, like a bulb that rests underground, waiting for a cue to bloom. By accessing this vitality, you'll have the charge you need to fire up your day -- without having to resort to a double latte.

"When you awaken your Kundalini energy and get it flowing up your spine," says Maya Fiennes, a London yoga teacher and star of the DVD "Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress," "you become alert and uplifted instead of sluggish and stressed." We worked with Fiennes to develop this series of simple moves that stretch and strengthen the spine, increase vitality, reduce tension, release impurities, and improve focus -- everything you need to face what lies ahead.

Camel Ride (pictured)
The lower spine.

What It Does
Releases lower-back tension, opens the hips, stimulates the digestive and immune systems, and promotes mental focus. "When you flex the spine," says Fiennes, "you flex the mind."

How to Do It
Sit cross-legged on the floor with your hands resting on your ankles. Bring your ribs and chest forward, gently arching your back, as you inhale. Then move the rib cage backward and round your lower spine as you exhale. Keep your neck relaxed and your chin parallel to the ground. Continue doing this exercise in unison with your breath for about two minutes.

Sufi's Circle
The middle spine.

What It Does
Creates more space in the torso and encourages the lungs to expand; further stimulates digestion; soothes the nervous system. "The spiral is a familiar pattern in nature," says Fiennes. "It's very calming to move this way."

How to Do It
Inhale and rotate your ribs forward and to the right, then exhale as you continue back and to the left, drawing a big circle with your chin and rib cage. Your spine will arch slightly and then round throughout the exercise. Rest your hands on your knees, using them for leverage. After two minutes, reverse and repeat for two more minutes.

Spinal Twist
The upper spine.

What It Does
Promotes detoxification; stimulates the lymphatic system; encourages energy to flow throughout the spine.

How to Do It
Sit with your hands on your shoulders, elbows parallel to the ground, and shoulders relaxed. As you inhale, twist your torso, shoulders, and head to the right. Exhale and twist to the left. Alternate between the right and left sides, gradually increasing your pace. After a minute, make the "okay" symbol with your fingers and begin to slowly straighten your arms with each twist until they are straight above your head. To finish, bring your hands into a prayer position and feel the energy coursing along your spine.

it really works...

java jazz festival

I flew in from Kl and touched down at jakarta airport around 2.30pm local time.
I was so excited and soooo looked forward to the!!I do this like every year...hehehe..
If you've been there, you'll get addicted too, just like me....
Listen, you only pay rm 150 for the whole 3 day-festival..(dirt cheap). And if you wanna see the big names in the industry, like Brian Mcknight, Oleta Adams,The swing out sisters, Peabo Bryson..(line up for this year) just to name a only pay rm 100/'s a good bargain right???
Plus, if you are lucky you wil bump into them, cos they mingle around without body guards and stuff...sooooooooo cool.
The festival started at 4pm and ended around 3am,every day, depending on the artistes themselves,most of them got so excited performing in front of such entusiastic fans,they don't wanna stop..
Brian Mcknight was superb, he brought along his 2 sons which are equally talented and they 'burnt' the stage down...HOT!...I mean coooooooooooool. ;)
Like last year and year before last and before last and before last....hehehehe...
I had one great time this year too.
Mission accomplished!

6th march,

p.s* the pic on the left is not a pic of a jazzband...
just a jazzbandwannabe.
check out the one with the!!