people who thinks they know everything infuriate those uf us who DO

So there's this reporter right? Let's name him Mr.B ;)


Let's talk about Mr.B, shall we? Well, our Mr.B here is not someone you would label as a "hardcore jazz fan", come to think about it, you won't even label him as a jazz fan altogether. His thoughts on jazz music were frumpy and down-right old fashioned. Music only the elderly and wrinkled would enjoy. Reading his statement, of course, left me bawling on the floor in my room, desperately gasping for air out of laughter.

This self-proclaimed "rock" music lover reminisced over his days of throwing punches and cold stares at other rock lovers just to stand a few feet away from his favourite rock band. Close enough to smell the sweat, I persume.

So one day, with the air filled with jazz music and the roads packed with jazz lovers from every strata of society, a friend of our rockstar invited him to the Java Jazz Festival(JJF). Seeing that the exhibition hall was only a few minutes away, he jumped to the opportunity to just hang out with his friends.

After having spent hours and hours surrounded by jazz music and people who spoke of nothing but jazz, Mr.B finally admitted that jazz was "not all that bad". He wrote an article on the artists who performed at the festival.

Just as I was about to smile, thinking that we, the jazz community, so to speak, could welcome a new member into the family.. I read this..

"..the festival had local indonesian artists performing too like Glenn, Afgan

...and Laura Fygi"


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