balik kampung memang best...tapi balik KL......

Cakap pasal balik kampung,the 1st thing came into my mind is rumah family yg luas,open space,kawasan halaman yg luas,lebar..boleh main fact that's what we always do..ptg2 jer main!!...malam bbq-best giler..

i especially like the coconut trees tu...mcm tepi pantai jer....tapi sayang pokok dpn rumah yg dah kena tebang tu,,,,,ishhhh,,,

Balik kampung means tidor lewat bangun pun lewat...lepak...makan...lepak lagi...makan lagi...ishhh-itulah yang dinamakan kehidupan-hehehe..(sesekali,bukan selalu.)

But although the famous notion is "to every cloud there's a silver linig", i guess in this case it's the other way around...
Going back to Johore is always a splendid idea,it doesn't go without it's burdens.
The drive back to Johore will always be nice as our hearts are already sort of makes the 3 - 4 hour journey seem like nothing..

It's the journey back to KL that holds the hair-pulling,aggrevatingly long hours (last sunday..29th nov,)...grrrrrrrr....
The traffic was bad...really2 bad!!!

bumper to bumper jam...i actually stopped ..look at the speedo meter ...
if you notice...i took the left most lane...the road shoulder...(salah tu,but everybody's doing it..)
even the rest area pun jam...nak masuk pun tak boleh..giler ah..
top speed that nite ..21m/hr...
detour ke Senawang was a good move...
Lekas hyway..tak pernah tau pun ada hyway ni....see..clear all the way..

sampai rumah kul 12.20am...Alhamdulilah..
bontot rase pijar dah...hehehe

...if only i knew.. :((((

If i knew the last time we saw each other was the last,i would've stayed longer to savour every second with you,i would've hug you and never let you go.

It seemed that everyone knew this departure would hurt me.
I got out of my car and looked out for you,but you weren't there..i kept looking and looking, and then i realized, were gone!!
My throat closed up and my eyes started to water as my knees met the ground....the ground you used to stand on, ever so handsomely...

My tears will dry..,but our memories will last, heart will eventually heal as i know you will be alright.
BTW....cerita diatas tu cerita pasal pokok yang sudah pun ditebang..bukan pasal boyfriends...hahaha.
lokasi pokok: depan rumah kat kampong.
rujukan: lihat gambar.

Kin....huahuahuahua.. :)))

pokok yang pernah berdiri megah didepan rumah....

gersang,..tanpa pokok yang pernah melindungku dari panas..... :(

lihatlah perbezaannya......with & without the glorious tree...


The soirée

There i was at my study table,tapping my feet to the smooth jazz music playing on my iTunes.
My 'What-seemed-to-be" usual monday morning came an abrupt halt as my phone rang and the name 'Farie' flashed.
I answered,and what i thought was just a random friend-to- friend call to chat turned out to be a mission call... :))

"Agent Ana,your mission: to throw Farie the best Birthday Soirée." :)))

And as per usual,i accepted the challenge and was ready to throw one of my best friends a party she will never forget.
So there i was,running around town,calling the best cake maker in Kl and,well basically doing all i can to make this party happen.

After a week of planning, i found out that we had to make a sudden change of venue due to the medical condition of one of the VIP guests.
Luckily our dear friend DaSi offered her luxurious house.
I,obviously became even more excited as i knew her house had it's needed space and fine bone china ware and cutlery to die for..Oh, and did i mention it's picturesque view??
the dining room at DaSi's house.

A day before the party,i drove to the new venue with my gear ready at hand.The preparations a day before the party were just basic,it was on the day of the party itself where it got a bit chaotic,but in a good way.We gathered everything,from flowers to the napkins,right down to the door gifts.

Minutes later,seconds after i finally managed to take a breather,the Birthday girl and the guests arrived.
The birthday girl was so touched to the point tears started to trickle down her i told her..

"You should know me by now.When you ask me to do something,i never come off short.
Planning parties is my passion and to me,nothing is impossible..i would go to great lengths and push my limits to throw you the greatest party ever (the best i could).
Nothing is too big for me."


Lenox dinnerware(butterfly meadow)..gorgeous isn't it???..and the butterflies...awwww..

fore can see KL for as far as your eyes can's breath taking.. :)

even the tea tastes different,if you drink from this cup...hehehe kidding!!
i made these...filled with expensive chocolate courtesy of Farie herself.

im so glad everybody loved the door gifts i made.... :)))
i was so tired that day..and that night i slept smiling till morning... (*_*)

p/s gambar2 tak berani nak post...takut kena saman.. :)


ronda2 tengok monyet....

An hour before their (Syirah & Naufal) departure, we decided to take them out and gawk at the monkeys. I was astonished to see how excited they were the minute their innocent eyes met the monkeys. What is this sense of glee that they have when they see animals, particularly ones with fur, a long tail and the ability to swing from tree to tree. :D

sorry gambar monkeys tak ada sebab takut nak berhenti...sebab top down.. ;)
we decided to push the limits and drive up to the peak of Taman TAR...(the highest peak here)..hehehe
nice view... The Peak.