The soirée

There i was at my study table,tapping my feet to the smooth jazz music playing on my iTunes.
My 'What-seemed-to-be" usual monday morning came an abrupt halt as my phone rang and the name 'Farie' flashed.
I answered,and what i thought was just a random friend-to- friend call to chat turned out to be a mission call... :))

"Agent Ana,your mission: to throw Farie the best Birthday Soirée." :)))

And as per usual,i accepted the challenge and was ready to throw one of my best friends a party she will never forget.
So there i was,running around town,calling the best cake maker in Kl and,well basically doing all i can to make this party happen.

After a week of planning, i found out that we had to make a sudden change of venue due to the medical condition of one of the VIP guests.
Luckily our dear friend DaSi offered her luxurious house.
I,obviously became even more excited as i knew her house had it's needed space and fine bone china ware and cutlery to die for..Oh, and did i mention it's picturesque view??
the dining room at DaSi's house.

A day before the party,i drove to the new venue with my gear ready at hand.The preparations a day before the party were just basic,it was on the day of the party itself where it got a bit chaotic,but in a good way.We gathered everything,from flowers to the napkins,right down to the door gifts.

Minutes later,seconds after i finally managed to take a breather,the Birthday girl and the guests arrived.
The birthday girl was so touched to the point tears started to trickle down her i told her..

"You should know me by now.When you ask me to do something,i never come off short.
Planning parties is my passion and to me,nothing is impossible..i would go to great lengths and push my limits to throw you the greatest party ever (the best i could).
Nothing is too big for me."


Lenox dinnerware(butterfly meadow)..gorgeous isn't it???..and the butterflies...awwww..

fore can see KL for as far as your eyes can's breath taking.. :)

even the tea tastes different,if you drink from this cup...hehehe kidding!!
i made these...filled with expensive chocolate courtesy of Farie herself.

im so glad everybody loved the door gifts i made.... :)))
i was so tired that day..and that night i slept smiling till morning... (*_*)

p/s gambar2 tak berani nak post...takut kena saman.. :)



kin said...

wah... lovely....
sape punya beledey ni Ana?

lifeislikethat said... of my best friends..
she's so happy..nanti bday you i buat nak??..hehehe

arashiela said...

untung farie.....wish her for me. bila besday dia, sama gak november cam aku eh....akunya besok na....buat kan la tuk aku gak.....hehehehe

lifeislikethat said...

Farie's bday was 18th of november...bile bday kau??23rd november ke???
balik la sini,kita buat party liar,nak???..hahaha

LadyNor said...

u pandai buat souvenir jugak eh..u memang creative i tgk..meh tolong i decorate bilik panten meh..hehe

lifeislikethat said...

Epa, betul ke??
nanti u nak decorate bilek panten call me ek??
i akan dtg...i memang suke menyibok,haha..

LadyNor said...

siyes ni ana..u decorate kan bilik panten i yg simple2 jek..i kalau nk buat semua memang x terkejar nanti.i nk kene beli bedsheet yg mcm mane eh?any idea?yg nk carik yg off white jek..kt mane eh nk carik?

lifeislikethat said...

siyes ke??..insyaALLAH Epa,..nanti kite meet up and citer pasal ni k??
nanti i tlg tgk2kan katne and bedsheet yg mcmane nak beli...u buat apa yg u oleh dulu...

LadyNor said...

siyes ni..nanti u bg tau kt i eh..bilik panten i x tau nk hias cam ne...

lifeislikethat said...

ok,insyaALLAH Epa..
i can show u samples if you like... ;)

Hanney Hanafiah said...

the doorgift amat2 cantekk!!

lifeislikethat said...

thanx Hanney...malu i kena puji...hehehe :)))

LadyNor said...

ada sample eh ana..nk tgk pelisss