finger-likin'-good roast chicken..

YUMM YUMM!!!....

This post dedicated to a dear friend - Bee.

well,I'm so blessed that i'm surrounded with many good-cook friends..

Bee, recipe ni dari Nita dan Farie...i use both the recipe's ingredients,
i sort of modified, plus and minus some ingredients.
that's why it's so good * puji diri sendiri pulak..

ok, enough talking,lets get started,,;p


Ayam - whole atau drumstick - or just any part of chicken

Rosemary - fresh or dried ( i prefer fresh - boleh beli kat cold storage - GE Mall)


oyster sauce,



Black Soy Sauce - kicap cap kipas udang yg masin.

Pepper & Salt to taste.

( sorry Bee,measurement takde,main agak2 jer ..campak2 jer the ingredients tu,insyaALLAH sedap )


Perap ayam dgn the ingredients at least 2 jam..i usually perap overnight.

In a roasting dish ,pour olive oil dan sedikit butter dan sear the chicken
*Sear tu maksudnya masak ayam tu atas roasting dish tu over high heat so that the chicken brown and lock the juice inside..lebih kurang 1/4 masak..baru masuk dalam oven 200 degrees C. for 30 minutes..or sampai masak.

kalau suka masuk sekali cherry tomatoes, bell pepper (capsicum) dan carrot..

DON'T forget the vital ingredient - L. O. V.E.

***shhhh...this is a secret, jgn lupa put a little bit more butter before roasting...bad bad..but what the heck...lepas tu pegi jogging...;p