This year's Raya is not like any other. Sure, you still have the ketupats and mercun and everything. But there's one thing about this year's Raya that differs from the rest-

As I sit on this kitchen table writing this, I feel the urge to share with my fellow readers how my Raya week has been here in good ol' Johor. Raya has been going by swiftly with the yummy food and the little kids around the kampung coming over to beraya, one after the other.

As every Raya goes by, we usually always have family movie nights. Watching whatever nice movie Astro was showing in conjunction with Raya. Usually, Astro would play love stories or even comedies, or basically anything that has to do with Raya. This year, however, Astro has, for some cosmical reason, chosen to show a series of horror flicks, "Beranak dalam Kubur","congkak", "momok the movie" and "Sundal Bolong" just to name a few. I know what you're thinking, and yes you're right. I've never been one to sit down on my butt for 2-3 hours just to watch a movie, no less if it's just some horror movie. But, given the circumstances, I am still in Johor and well, my kitchen-table-cum-work-table is about only a few steps away from the tv, thus, I do tend to watch whatever is playing.

This Raya has begged the question, what is Astro's take on this year's Raya? Is this year's Raya themed "Hantu Raya" or something? Is that why they've been showing these horror movies?

Some adults might enjoy the horror movies,but what about the young ones??
like Syirah:-

Syirah enjoying her toys in front of the tv.

Syirah " eh citer apa ni??...lain mcm jer music ni"
Syirah " eh,citer hantu lah...eeeee..takuuuttttt.....

Syirah, "Nek,hantu tu dah kluar ker?"

Kesian Syirah,kan????



After many many days of me stressing myself out, I have come to a conclusion that our country may seem to have it all, but there's one thing it lacks; ribbons.

I know what you're thinking, sure there are ribbons here in KL, in places like Lovely Lace right down to SSF. But to the untrained eye, people fail to see that the ribbons available to us Malaysians here are just plain blah. I've been to so many other ribbon stores overseas, and not only do they have a wide variety of ribbons, but their materials are so good. That's why, I am called crazy by my friends whenever I tell them that I often stock up on ribbons every time I go overseas. But then again, can one really blame me? I mean, I know I ranted on the fact that here we lack variety, but all at the same time while we lack that, we lack quality.

Take this scenario for example;

The colour green. When you think of green, all kinds of shades come to mind. My mind comes to a complete halt the minute I step into a ribbon store in KL. I mean, I would have this amazing idea on how my hamper was going to look like- the shape of the basket, the gifts I would put in, and most importantly, although many just shrug off, the colour of the ribbon. Call me picky, call me a perfectionist, but when I set my mind on a certain colour for my hamper, I intend on going for it. But I am stopped half way the minute I ask the store clerk "Do you have green ribbons?", and I am painfully struck with the answer "Yes we do. Which would you like? Light green or dark?".

I mean, COME ON!! What if I don't want just light or dark green? What if the colour I'm looking for is somewhere in between? Like olive green? ..or moss green ??.They won't be able to cater to my needs. Thus, leaving me a very very sad and disappointed lady driving home left with nothing but thoughts on what should I do to accommodate to KL's lack of ribbons?

I know what you're thinking, and I'll stop you right there cause I can tell you for sure, your thoughts are exactly like the ones of my friends and families.

"Why do you care about what colour the ribbons are and what material they are? They're just ribbons. All they do is either tie everything together, or just there to decorate!"

I know, and I am fully aware that in a hamper, it's not the ribbons that people keep but the goodies inside, but.. It's all about the impression you leave on the person who gets your hamper. So I would normally combat their query with this..

"Same goes to cars. I mean, a car is just something that takes you from point A to point B, so why bother splurging on a BMW and just settle for a typical MYVI?"

I conclude my rants my saying that I hope someone out there feels my pain, and get off their butts and start opening up a good quality ribbon store. And please, when you do open the store, never ever forget the quality and quantity of the ribbons ;)

yes, you can get gingham ribbons like the above at SSF,but only 4 or 5 colors ,not good enough for me,...*sigh

wanna see ribbons??...i mean lots and lots of ribbons??....go check Ampelco Ribbons Company,,,and go crazy..