java jazz festival

I flew in from Kl and touched down at jakarta airport around 2.30pm local time.
I was so excited and soooo looked forward to the!!I do this like every year...hehehe..
If you've been there, you'll get addicted too, just like me....
Listen, you only pay rm 150 for the whole 3 day-festival..(dirt cheap). And if you wanna see the big names in the industry, like Brian Mcknight, Oleta Adams,The swing out sisters, Peabo Bryson..(line up for this year) just to name a only pay rm 100/'s a good bargain right???
Plus, if you are lucky you wil bump into them, cos they mingle around without body guards and stuff...sooooooooo cool.
The festival started at 4pm and ended around 3am,every day, depending on the artistes themselves,most of them got so excited performing in front of such entusiastic fans,they don't wanna stop..
Brian Mcknight was superb, he brought along his 2 sons which are equally talented and they 'burnt' the stage down...HOT!...I mean coooooooooooool. ;)
Like last year and year before last and before last and before last....hehehehe...
I had one great time this year too.
Mission accomplished!

6th march,

p.s* the pic on the left is not a pic of a jazzband...
just a jazzbandwannabe.
check out the one with the!!


LadyNor said...

wahhhh best best...i wish i can join together wif u darling next time... :)

lifeislikethat said...

ya,y not??
it's really fun,next year ek?

LadyNor said...

Yup darling..Hopefully that time i can join u..Ajak rini n aunty skalik..make the fest is more happening..Doakan time tu i dah settle seme yg i plan k...