by popular demand

this pose is ok for babies...but ladies,it's a NO NO for us..keep that in mind...hehe

After a bountiful of requests placed by people from around the world, calls from Spain, e-mails from Australia and so many more, I've decided to post more pictures of little, cheeky and down-right adorable Irina. Her, shall we say, "curvy" being, makes everyone salivate (but not in that creepy Hannibal way!). She's cute, fun and bubbly. Traits a perfect baby should embody.

And just so you know, this little bundle of joy was The Little Lady of the hour. More info on that on my next post. So stay tuned, and keep reading.


arashiela said...

saje je la tu nak bagi air liur orang meleleh....ala untung nya la mak dia dapat baby yang comel dan gebu tu....eeeeeee geram tengok irina

lifeislikethat said...

nita...aku kan sadist,muahahahaaaa...