Lanyard ID Holder

malam tadi mimpi lanyard,so arini nak cerita pasal LANYARD.....hehehe..
saje jer..sebenarnya nothing interesting happened lately ni. :p

Lanyards aren't just for whistle blowers anymore. No, sir they are not. Lanyards of today have the prestigious honor of being the bearers of ID badges and what better way to do that then by the use of an ID holder that sits perfectly and proudly on the clip at the tip of the lanyard. As we all know, lanyards can be purchased very inexpensively, in all kinds of colors and patterns. The ID holders, so as not to clash with your lanyard, comes in clear plastic. Clear plastic lanyard ID holders will accommodate ID cards or badges that are either horizontal or vertical, so you'll never have to put your ID in sideways, how unprofessional would that look? The whole point of wearing a lanyard is to perpetuate the idea that you are hip, cool, and with it. Plus it's convenient to have your identifying information hanging around your neck in a clear plastic ID holder for all the world to see. It makes you appear that you have nothing to hide and people like that. It's also easier to nonchalantly read the name of that GORGEOUS NEW GUY or GAL who's come to work recently..hehehe...ehem ehem to kin.. There are all kinds of pluses to having an actual ID holder clipped on the end of your lanyard. The protection it affords your ID card alone is invaluable. Having your ID at your fingertips is another, no more fumbling for it. We all know how important it is to make other's believe that we have got our act together and there's no better or less inexpensive way to do that then with our custom lanyard and ever impressive ID holder. Let your lanyard and ID holder speaks for you, it will, and you won't have to say a word.



ann said...

oh ke menatang lanyard tu.....menatang ni aku tau le...namanya je aku idak tau.....hahahahahahaha....udah nak kaler pe pastu nak bape bijik.....

lifeislikethat said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....kak nita,tu la LANYARD...haiyaaaaa..

M said...

ni dah wat bisnes selling lanyard lak ke ana??
Kalau ye...leh tolong wat kat lanyard warna purple tulis " I'm still single & avaiable" ... 2 ye... satu utk 1 ..lagi satu utk you.


lifeislikethat said...

M, a.k.a Kin..
kalau customize harga ada mahal sikit..
especially kalau ada tulis."I'M STILL SINGLE & AVAILABLE"..
tapi kawan punya pasat wa bagi free...
coming right up.
wa punya ada tulis "high maintainence" lol!!