malaysia indah

i couldn't believe my eyes...
i was driving back from ulu langat which is about 30 mins away from ampang,
i was doing some refurbishment works at our so called weekend house,which we bought a few months ago..
it was a long weekend (may day)..and so many KLites left their homes and headed to the nearest weekend houses,either janda baik or ulu langat..and spent their entire weekend there.

anyway...i decided to take another route to go back to ampang,for the pakcik (caretaker)said,"jalan jem nak,jgn balik ikut jln yg biasa" he sort of guided me
to which route i should take.."tapi jauh sikit la..tapi tak jem"..he said.
so,i took his advice.
the road was really quiet..after 20 mins or so baru nampak 1 oncoming car.
mula2 takut jugak..mcm tempat komunis dudok jer..
little did i know that rupanya i have to pass by a catchment beautiful.
tgk la pictures..sunyi and so serene.
love took me longer than the usual route,but its worth my every while.

p/s* best dating kat sini. :)


M said...

haah...jom dating!


lifeislikethat said...

could you plz stand up??
siapa ni??

kin said...

hik hik hik.... hah suspen sekejap ek... i kin...kakaka ..swoie lupa nak tukar alamat tadi ..hehe... jom dating?

lifeislikethat said...

Kin...laaaaaaaaaa..wat suspen jer.
jom r dating,have u been there??cantek kan??
mcm kat obersea lak. :p

kin said...

ya... penah gi sana..memang heaven on earth