the ultimate sinfully delicious caramel

ingredients A :

1 can (tall can) condense milk.

1/2 (milk) can water

5 eggs (chicken eggs, not quil or duck eggs)

1 tsp vanilla extract


in a large bowl mix together the A ingredients.

caramelize in a saucepan:

4 tbsps sugar

4 tbsps water

p/s* this is for the benefit of org2 yg jarang2 masak (like me)

how to caramelize:

1st put in the sugar,then pour the water (don't stir..that's what i did the 1st try,so..instead of caramel jadi sugar water).

when u see the sugar dah burnt sikit at one corner,baru lah you ratakan,
let it burn a while more..i prefer a bit bitter.
the colour would be DARK BROWN.

pour the caramel in a loyang (cepat2,sebab the caramelized sugar cepat keras)
ratakan the base and around the loyang.

pour in the ingredients A into the loyang

kukus for 1 hour, cover the loyang, so tak masuk air.


pesanan dari sifu: don't forget to invite the sifu over for tea, or lunch,or dinner.. :)


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kin said...

Ana...i mengidam u nyer egg caramel...huhuhu...sodap bangat