The reason me typing out this entry is simply because its the 1st day of the new year and it seems only appropriate to do so..and being able to keep the date for this entry as 1111 is an added bonus...yeeehaaaa...

It's that time of year again,when we let go all the mistakes we made in the past and hope for the better outcome in the new year..
not everybody lists down their new year's resolutions tho', but for those who do,make a promise to themselves to keep to their resolutions and hopefully become better people..
But who are we kidding,out of those people who made resolutions only a handful of them keep up to it and the rest just forget about it months later and may be keep their resolutions for the next year..
that's why i don't make any resolutions..cos i'm very impulsive, and it's so Cliché..;))

Anyway,..Here's hoping that everyone has a great 2011 and may all you resolutions come true..