Oui!!....macarons pas macaroons

I've been waiting for this class..macarons...NOT macaroons,
see, there's a difference between the two..
Macarons and macaroons are two entirely different things.
Macaroon is the American word for their version of a flourless egg-white-based cookies. Most often made with coconut .
Macarons, are French cookies made with almond and egg whites that are sandwiched around a cream-based filling ...

They say the Macaroon is virtually idiot-proof.
while the Macaron is notoriously hard to master,

Rosalind ( our teacher ) said ,macarons are very sensitive...the temperature of the oven must be right, and the humidity made the number one enemy...

Everyone was nervous ,me included...but we were anxious and excited ..

But...in the end everyone did fairly good..
Mine especially...considering i've never done it before...

I particularly like this recipe and method taught by Rosalind cos it's the French version not the Italian..

This is exactly like the ones in Laduree...crunchy on top and chewy on the inside...perfecto!
and the filling is light...yummmm..

awe and behold, the end result of a very tiring but fun day with macarons. I must say, I am happy with how they turned out :) Looks like I won't have to get a plane ticket to Paris to get macarons anymore :) A short walk down to the kitchen seems more ideal now.


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