Afternoon tea at Laduree,

i like this one the most....pistachio filling.

the hot chocolate was out of this world...hehehe...yana enjoying the "view"
the waiters are tall and gorgeous....yana cakap,not me...i tak perasan pun.. :p
the macaroons are super delicious tho'...yummyyyyyyyyy.....

Perhaps I shouldn't have held such high expectations for Laduree, but then review has it as a world-famous patisserie that musters some of the best cakes and macaroons in Paris, so I went to try the one in London,when i was there last week.True that the grandeur of the decor and the panoply of cakes are quite mesmerising, but the quality of the morsels doesn't quite match up.
except the macaroons.
I've been to the one in Paris,i thought the service was bad there..but it's even worse here in London..hmmmm.
We have to que for a good 20 minutes for a seat...sebab sunday kot???(no excuse,cos i saw many empty tables around..)
OK place, shame it's in Harrods - tacky, tasteless, run by a loony and the only department store in London still selling fur. If Laduree had any sense they would move into Selfridges...
It still deserves 4 stars because it does give you a pretty Parisian tearoom setting in which to indulge in a luxurious afternoon tea after shopping sprees. Just bear in mind that you'll be paying premium price for something that could've been done better. Adjust your expectations to avoid disappointment.
Love the macaroons though.
bought home a box of the macaroons....couldn't resist.

the decor is superb..i like it.


kin said...

apa rasa "burger" yg warna warni tu Ana?
Cam sedap je...
Dgn erti kata lain ... "kenapa tak bungkus tuk kin????"

hehehe ;D

lifeislikethat said...

Kin..tu la macaroons..memang sedap..
ada ni i tapau untuk you.
meh dtg rumah i kita minum teh meh.

chezai said... yg i jeles nih..even i da diajak gi menyusul dorang nih tp i taknk...ehhehe...sedap tu macaroons tu...pakkal je i tgh pki pagar2 ni, takot all belikan i ape nih??

chezai said...


lifeislikethat said...

haa..kepada yang bergigi besi jgn nak berangan makan macaroons ni...eeeee..bygkan teselit2 kat celah2 besi tu...ueueuewwwwww.....
chezai,makan bubur jer k??.. :p