"Glory Glory...Man United!"

"Glory Glory.. Man United!", these four haunting words filling the atmosphere amidst all the awesomeness that is Manchester United.

For one to sit in the stands, amongst thousands of other roaring fans is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. But, for one to actually sit down and mingle with the players is something one can only dream about. Well, not for mee.....best giler!
Today,18th july,,Pre-Match Luncheon.. Palace of Golden Horses..Royal Ballroom III.
meet with the players session was held yesterday,in Mandarin Oriental... :)
signatures from: Bebetos, Van de sar, Wes Brown, Johnny Evans.
Yang kat T-Shirt nanti i post ek???

Yes, I've been so lucky as to be able to obtain such a privileged honour that is to meet and greet these talented players. Pictures of me and the handsome players will not be posted as to avoid you people(especially Mas & Yai) from coming to my house and burning my house to the ground!
(tunggu selepas Man U fever dah subside..baru i post k?....cool down Yai).

*p/s...if i have more tickets..i definitely will take all of you along...but,alas...2 teket jer..
kengkawan jangan marah kat i ek???be happy for me,k???muah2 *big grin*



Anonymous said...

wa mmg hangen tol la...
tapi takpe la...nnt tlg print gmbr u all tu ek..
ala..takpe la..eh...

lifeislikethat said...

ngeh ngeh...xpe,nanti i print and frame sekali gambo kiteorg ek??
pastu ltk atas meja opis u ek???..

intoxicated-catastrophe™ said...

huwaaghhh!! skrg tgh jeles gilakkk tahap gaban. sat lagi i datang umah u, nk g rompak sume signature tu.. hahahaha, then only burn u house to the ground.. miahahahaha

lifeislikethat said...

intoxicated...bawak bersabar...baru lepas buat amal jariah aritu kan???
beristifar byk2.... :p

intoxicated-catastrophe™ said...

ok la.. bersabar.. rancangan ditunda.. bukan malam nie. mlm ni ngantuk. wa tido dulu la ek..
gdnite. heheee

lifeislikethat said...

intoxicated...ok gud girl...hehehe
gi tido..cool down dulu ek??
malam ni kan malam isra' mi'raj..bawak berzikir byk2..
gunite and sweet dreams. :*