Why Women Always Need More Shoes.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes..
ishhhh..we will never get tired of shoes,kan???
Shoe-shopping is some kind of therapy for me.. ;)
and im sure most of you pun mcm i,kan??

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day..
She was having problem with her boyfriend..huh!!..tell me something new,plzzzzzz...
Another friend divorced selepas kawin for 6 months.
Tapi nothing can beat,case kawin 12 hari dah bercerai...dunia,dunia..apa nak jadi dah.

Kawan i tu ckp takde kesepahaman..yeke???

Sebenarnye bukan susah sgt nak paham perempuan ni.
memanglah perempuan ni jiwanya halus,delicate,ingin dibelai selalu..hai..takkan susah sgt nak buat mcmtu...kata sayangggggg....

I nak kongsi a few facts about women & Men.
setuju tak fakta2 kat bawah ni?:

A woman will lie to make man feel good.
A man lies to make himself look good.

Women appear to be somehow genetically related to the octopus.
She can talk on the telephone,follow a new recipe and watch television at the same time..
and she can drive a car, put on make-up and listen to the radio while talking on a handsfree telephone....this is sooooo true.

A woman can talk about several unrelated topics in the one conversation and uses 5 VOCAL tones to change the subject or emphasise points.
Men can only identify 3 of those tones .
As a result, men often lose the plot when listening to women talk.

*Tip for men:
If a woman is talking and you are having difficulty following the plot,
just sit back, listen and go for the ride without offering solutions.
At worse, give her a time limit- "i'd like to watch the 7 o'clock news darling,but you've got my full attention until then."

70-80% of men everywhere say that the most important part of their lives is their WORK,
70=80% of women say their most important priority is FAMILY.

Guys,remember this...

There are two theories to arguing with women...NEITHER one works!

When women talk,they don't need a reason to talk and they don't need an end goal or solution.

A woman usually wants to be heard, not fixed!

This is very important:
because of women's super-awareness of body language and voice signals,men get caught out lying far more often.
This makes it seem like men lie more than women...Truth is they don't.They just keep getting caught. :)

Women are good at remembering what lie they told and who they told it to..
While men usually forget their lies.
If you can't remember your lie,SAY NOTHING!...

Ladies remember.....

Women use silence to punish men...But men love silence.

Women regularly make the mistake of assuming that just because a man loves her,he must also understand her.
But he usually doesn't.
We call each other the 'opposite' sex for a good reason - we are opposite.

Don't fight or compete with a man's sport or hobby.Join him in it,or use the available time to do something positive for yourself - like shopping...shoe-shopping to be exact...hehehe

In conclusion men are from mars and women are from venus( according to John Grey-the author ). Two planets completely distant from each other. "Men can't live with women, yet they can't live without them. And vice versa". Oh how true that statement is. So yeah, no matter how much we bicker about the opposite sex, eventually the truth will just get to us like women to shoes and men to cleavage, that we actually love this "thing" we have with each other. The thrill of the chase, in a way. Men love trying to understand women, and women love confusing men. ;)

tapi...kalau beli kasut ingat lah org yang tak mampu nak beli kasut ya???.............kesiannnnn..


kin said...

fuyoh...cool tul kasut botol air mineral tu ana...so ori!

lifeislikethat said...

Kin...tu la kan???
i bet kalau gucci ke chanel nampak mesti diorg nak tiru...hehe

illy said...

women not only need more shoes..they need more of everything..hehehe..
sudah fitrah alam...hehehe

lifeislikethat said...

illy....tell me about it bebeh...
i agree 200% :)