Sharing a Smile.

After a few flips of the calendar, another year has passed, and it's time we organised yet another charity do..
2010 being named "Sharing a Smile"

The ladies have organized a special day for these orphans who were specially picked from places like kampung melayu subang, janda baik and the like.
A day filled with joy and laughter always, since the first year they started.

Every year we organize a day that promises to not disappoint. These orphans get the chance to just relax and have fun,and thanks to last year's do,even rub shoulders with celebrities.
The charity even has gradually become better and better.
This year's aim is to trump last year's.
Meetings and preparations have already started to ensure that this year's do will be one for the books.

And added bonus to this year's do,we have new young vibrant and eager members,..
those who have always known about or gone to our past events.
This year, they get to join which just helps make this event the joyful success we all know it will be...InsyaALLAH.

And the ladies would like to express our gratitude to Terry for sponsoring the venue @ DARC..


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