Chivalry Isn't Dead,.. yet!

I was taught to treat people with a certain amount of respect,and that it will lead to more positive situations, but society as a whole has to take this into consideration, not just a small handful of people who wishes chivalry would regain the strength to awaken out of the deep sleep it's been in for too many years. The loss of manners and courteousness in modern civilization is truly a let down.

However the incident i'm about to tell you might change your perception about chivalry all on..

So there I was, walking out of Studio 5, Naan Corner after buying some dinner. As I was walking towards my car, I noticed that the guy that had parked his car next to mine was also about to go out. What happens next is a definite "awww.." moment for all my fellow lady` readers..

As I got into my car, I obviously waited for him to reverse his car first, for the obvious reason of him getting into and starting his car up first. So anyway, as soon as the guy had fully reversed his car, I expected him to drive off straight away.. But instead, he reversed further back and gave me way to reverse my car first... Can you say "chivalry", ladies?
I say Yes!...totally!!

...Chivalry is not dead...It's Just on Life Support..;)



intoxicated-catastrophe™ said...

yeah, agreed. on Life Support.. hhaha

lifeislikethat said...

Mas, kan? kan? kan???...;p

shahariah said...

that really happened ana?
you sure you're not day-dreaming?
i'm shocked to the bones..haha

lifeislikethat said...

hard to believe kan??..
pelik tapi benar..i did slapped my face a few times to make sure i wasn't really happened Sha...;p